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Sara Jacobs & Isabella Waung win 2016 State Doubles Title

Sara Jacobs and Isabella Waung have won the state doubles title for Millburn, 7-5, 6-2 over Amy and Ally Yan of Montogmery. Jacobs and Waung are the third doubles team in the last four years from Millburn to win the tournament on Monday at Mercer County Park.

Waung, who won the state doubles tournament last year with Sydney Zirlin, became only the third player to ever win the state doubles tournament twice since it started in 1999.

Jacobs and Waung were down 5-4 in the first set, but from that point took control of the match, tying the set, 5-5, followed by a strong volley giving Millburn a 7-5 win. Jacobs and Waung had only lost one team match all year for Millburn.

According to, "It was a new permanent partnership this year for Jacobs and Waung, but they had no issues working together. The experience of Waung and the talent of Jacobs, who won the state doubles tournament for the first time, came together very nicely."

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