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From our Fitness Director: Warm Up & Cool Down

Warm Up & Cool Down

Why do we warm up? A proper warm up routine is essential when preparing for performance and injury prevention. Taking the time to prepare the body for physical exertion will allow an athlete to not only perform at a higher level but prevent various injuries from occurring.

The Importance of Dynamic Stretching. The human body has many mechanisms that need to be activated and stimulated prior to activity. When you put your body through a series of stretches while in motion, it sends signals from the brain to the muscle fibers and connective tissues in that area to prepare to do work. Your body’s temperature begins to rise and blood is pumped to the working areas of the body. Getting good blood flow to the area of the working muscles is very critical in order to supply the area with energy needed to do work. Along with getting proper blood flow to the working area, the muscle fibers and connective tissues will gain more flexibility and range of motion. Many studies have shown that dynamic stretching can help increase power, improve flexibility, and increase your range of motion

Warm Up Routine (5-10 Minutes) -Jumping rope -High knees -Butt Kicks -Over Under -High Knee Grab (alternate with 2 count hold) - Power Skip -Right and left lunge (alternate right to left down the court) -Frankenstein Walk (kick higher than the waist) -Walking Lunge (rotate upper body side to side with each step)

**This routine is done prior to clinics. Use it before stepping on the court for practice or a match and prepare your body to perform at it’s peak


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